About Michelle

Michelle is an avid gardener, and lover of food and wine. I found my paradise in Chile, where there are the freshest organic vegetables, outstanding wines and some of the most delicious olive oil that I have ever tasted. And what could be better than being able to cultivate many of these riches on my own property. My passion is enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life, living in a stimulating environment, with access to nature and delicious fresh food.

For many years I had traveled extensively in Europe and Asia. When I first came to Chile to visit Easter Island, I stopped in Santiago for a few days, which I discovered is a very green, modern, cosmopolitan city. I took a drive to the countryside to have lunch at Santa Rita Winery in the Maipo Valley, and fell in love. Fortunately, I found a property for sale in the Maipo Valley, which I was able to purchase. And Casa Ishi was born.